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Exciting news for 2012

The Creative Frog is off to a great start in 2012!

In December, I moved from my off-site studio into a newly completed work space in our home.  I'm loving the ability to work whenever I please, and the convenience of having all my creative tools in once place is priceless! 

Some fans of The Creative Frog may know that I was contacted last year from a representative of Martha Stewart Living magazine to use my upcycled wool puppets in an upcoming article about building a puppet show for kids. 

Originally, the article was set to run in the March issue, but with the busy holiday season just wrapping up, I was actually relieved to hear from the Martha Stewart people that the story will most likely run in the May issue.  This will give me a few more months to pump up my supply of puppets!

I have about 40 puppets for sale on Etsy now, as well as several Jabberwooly dolls and critters, so hopefully I will continue to increase my numbers as the months move on. 

I am also working on a number of special orders at the moment from customers who saw items they liked at holiday sales and wanted to special-order something after the Christmas rush.  I have more time on my hands these days, so please send any special order inquiries to creativefrog@msn.com. 

Here's hoping 2012 is a fantastic year!